I say, billboard walls serve as court boundaries and display the multitude of sponsoring businesses.   All grandstand seats have an unobstructed view of the full court except for three roof posts as in the Fenway Park tradition.   The marvelous concession stand only serves the finest wines and asorted of appetizing ordures.   Call ahead to check for the concession stand hours.   The Park's original unique famous design and landscaping has been raved about by all whom have played on the court or toured the facilities.
Western Post node: North Haven  (Brighton Avenue)

Eastern Post node: Vinalhaven  (Pleasent Street)
I say, the court is a rectanular eleven wicket and two post layout. It sports court dimentions of seventy feet in lenth by twenty-two feet in width.   The wickets are not numbered, rather they are named after maritime points of interest out and about the watery part of the world off Vinalhaven Island and North Haven Island: Starboard Rock, Goose Rock Lighthouse, Fox Isalnds Thorofare, Leadbetter Island, and Hurricane Island.

I say, the Brighton Knoll Croquet Park is a six player court.   The order of a player's turn is posted at each end of the park.   The order is based on colors starting with Hot and progressing to Cold: Yellow , Orange, Red, Green, Blue, Black.

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