Hot  Air  Solar  Heaters       

The Energy Club is experimenting with Solar Hot Air pannels that it has aquired. If your interested in seeing the pannels call Del at 863-4454.

Solar Air Heater - Outdoor Mount:      
For infomation about Solar Hot Air from a comercial vender's web Site: ALL SUN SOLAR PRODUCTS (603)553-9163

Designed to mount to any exterior wall or free-standing. Using the sun’s infrared rays and convection, the solar heater will reduce your energy costs.

A solar air heater can add up to 25ºF (11ºC) to the ambient room temperature (10' x 15' room - 150 sq. ft.). Maximum air flow at 40 CFM. Designed to provide supplementary heat. Equivalent to a 300–500 Watt electric heater (varies due to available sunlight.)

Can be installed on homes, cabins, cottages, garages, barns, greenhouses, chicken coops, and shops. Two small 3" diameter holes will be needed on the exterior wall to insert the intake output ports.

Sample Specifications:

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