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New Lights for the Historical Society
The Energy Club assisted the Historical Society taking advantage of an Island Institute grant to replace 60 showroom 60watt incandesent flood lights with equivalent LED bulbs. The project benefited from Efficiency Maine's discounting of LED bulbs. They were able to buy sixty LED flood bulbs for only $249.99. The LED bulbs only use 9 watts each. The incandescent bulbs used 3,600 watts, while the LEDs use only 540 watts. Over the summer season, being turned on three hours per day for sixty days, (180 hours)the incandescent bulbs used 648 KWHs costing $149.04 at 23 cents per KWH. Using the new LED bulbs, for the same amount of time, the cost will $22.36 for 97.2 KWHs. The projected savings for the Historical Society will be $126.68 per year.

Interior Storm Windows
The Energy Club starting making Interior Storm Windows in 2011, sence then we have make approimatly 550 storms.

Energy Measureing Tools kit We aquired our Energy Measureing Tools kit through an Island Institute grant.
    1. Thermal Leak Detector windows, walls, doors:
    • Hand held Detector
    • It uses Infrared to measure temperatures
    • It can read temperatures up to 25 feet away
    • Displays in F and C degrees, Temperature range is -22 F to 302 F
    2. Kilo-Watt-Hour (KWH)Meter:
    • Displays the Kilo-Watts an electrical appliance in the moment
    • Displays the KWHs an electrical appliance uses over time
    • Plugs into a wall outlet, then you plug the appliance into the meter
    3. Infrared Cammera:
    • Displays an image of the observed object with diferent colors for hotter areas
    • The image can be down loaded to a computer
    • Idenitafys voids of insulation in walls
    4. Solar Pathfinder:
    • Set up in a location it measures the hours of Sun shines on that location
    • Gives the Sun hours by the months of the seasons
    • Gives the total Sun hours for Photo-Voltaic pannels.
    5. Illuminance/Light Meter
    Measure the light bulb's intensity at a location away from the light bulb. Given the bulbs in a room is the room lite more than it needs to be, or is the under lite? Over lighting cost more in electricty. Under lighting is not good for your vission.
    6. Data Logger
    The Data Logger unit has built in temperature, relative humidity, other environmental sensors. It cords the sensors data at set intervals while its been actived.

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