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   Reduce  Your  Home  Heating  Cost   

Heat Pump                         Oil Furnace

Which makes more BTUs/dollar to heat your home:
a Heat Pump or an Oil Furance?

  - A Heat Pump's heating output BTUs range varies from 1,900 BTUs at -10 F, to 20,900 BTUs at 70 F.
  - A Heat Pump's energy efficiency (COP) range varies from 159% at -10 F, up to 4.84% at 70 F.
  - An Oil furnace typically has a constant efficiency rating of 85%.
  - When the weather gets very cold you most likely would need more than one Heat Pump to heat your home.
  - A Heat Pump is an excellent primary heating source for a home and an oil furnace is a good supplemental heat source.
  - A Heat Pump could reduce your heating season bill significantly.
  - Try modeling your home with 1, 2, or 3 Heat Pumps installed.
  - Calculations on this page can be for installed Heat Pumps.
  - The Heat Pump used for calculations below is a Fujitsu Model Halcyon 12LRS.


Cost per KWH Cost per Gallon of Oil Outside House Temp.(F) Inside House Temp.(F)
$    /KWH $    /Gallon   F   F
  Number of heat pumps installed in home:   1    2    3   

NOTE: Home's BTU Loss per hour at zero F outside is set to 25,000 BTU's per hour.


Fuel Used Fuel Cost BTUs Made BTUs per $1 dollar
Heat Pump   KWHs   BTUs>   HP BTUs / $
Oil Furnace   Gallons   BTUs   Oil BTUs / $
Heat Pump's Variable Efficiency (from COP):   %
Oil Furnace's Constant Efficiency:   %
Average combined HP and Oil cost per BTU:   / BTU

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