Interior  Storm  Windows       

~  We build interior storm windows.  ~   They have an R-Value of 2 and stop 99% of a window's air infiltration.  ~
~  Depending on a person's ability to pay, we charge $.50 to $1.50 per square window foot.  ~

Why Interior Storm Windows?
  • Interior storm windows are the most cost effective product a home owner can buy to lower their heating bills.
  • If installed in every window, of an older average home, with only single pane widows the home owner could potential reduce their heating bill by up to 25%.
  • The Energy Club helps customers build their own interior storm windows.
  • This helps keep the cost down.

The customers' windows are measured, then a wooden frame is cut to size, painted, and screwed to together.

Two sided sticky tape is applied around the wooden frame, the wooden frame is then wraped with clear plastic to make a 3/4 inche air gap.

The clear plastic has a shrink-wrap quality.   Hair driers are used to shrink the plastic and thus remove all wrinkles.

A 1/4" thick foam rubber tape is applied to the edge of the platic covered wooden frames. The interior storm windows are held in the widnow frame by friction.

The Interior Storm Window is ready to be delivered and installation in the customer's home.

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