East Side Improvement Project
In 2014 the District had a $425,000 project on the east side of Downstreet. The work was to replace critically old mains; old shut-off valves were also replaced and additional new valves installed. Dead-end mains were looped back to other dead-end mains to improve water flow and quality. Additional hydrants were installed.

West Side Improvement Project
The District is planning a project for the west side of Downstreet in 2016. The work will be similar to that of the East Side Improvement Project.

Water Treatment
Our water quality levels have consistanly tested better than the federal Environment Protection Authority requirements.

Building Repairs
In 2013 the Windy Way Operations & Maintenance building was improved: a new roof was installed, it was resided, and a garage and storage room was added.   In 2014 the Folly Pond treatment plant building was repaired.

Winter Freeze-Ups
The winters of 2013-2014 and 2014-2015 caused many frozen mains which had to be located, dug up, and repaired.

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