After Vinalhaven village suffered a number of fires, the community built the Vinalhaven Water District in 1910.  Today the Water District serves over 400 metered subscribers and has 23 village fire hydrants.  We draw water from our reservoir, Round Pond, which has a surface area of 9.8 acres and maximum pumping capacity of 26 million gallons of water.  Round Pond is on the North Haven Road after the junction with the Calderwood Neck Road.

The pond water is pumped to our treatment plant, which does filtering, chlorination, UV disinfection, and pH treatment.  The treated water is then pumped two and a half miles to the village Standpipe atop Harbor Hill.


The Standpipe is 85 feet tall and 25 feet in diameter with a capacity 330,000 gallons.   Seventy-three percent of the capacity is available for village fire protection.   On a daily the District sells approximately 55,000 gallons in the summer and 45,000 gallons in the other seasons.

When the Water District was built over 100 years ago, there were very few water-quality regulations.  Today the Federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has strict regulations and site inspections that govern the Water District.  The Water district is in good standing with the EPA.

The Water District is constantly making improvements to our water quality and system reliability.  We are busy replacing old and under-sized mains, flushing mains, searching out leaky mains, testing water quality per the EPA strict regulations, connecting up seasonal homes, and, in the winter, dealing with freeze-ups.  The Water District never sleeps.

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